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Estate of single-family houses in Gdańsk

Bright spaces

Get comfortable in the bright spaces of your home. Daylight here goes to almost every nook and cranny. An openwork wall made of white brick refers to the body of the building and enhances the impression of natural light spread.

Active and modern



The modern design of the yard is particularly noteworthy. This is a completely new generation playground. Your kids will want to spend all day outdoors. Bright spaces contrast with strong colors, enhancing their beauty. It is a good space for a comfortable life.







For developers

Dynamic visualization appeals to imagination and awakens emotions. Make your static design come to life with attention to even the smallest detail. See the facility so real that you will want to be there.

For architects

Your concept is innovative and unique. Ensure that it is memorable and captivates the senses. Bring your vision to life and convince the unconvinced.


Movement is a change. Change is dynamics.
Dynamics in the presentation of ideas draws in,
intrigues, and engages. It does not allow for indifference.

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